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Sex Therapy (psycho sexual counseling)


Mooladhara ChakraBeing a leading market player, ‘Dr. R. N. Roychowdhury’ is pioneer in imparting a host of sex therapy services to the clients. At our premise, patients can obtain reliable and effective treatment of sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, unwanted sexual fetishes, low lipids, sexual addiction, painful sex, lack of sexual confidence etc. We know that these problems are caused for stress, tiredness and many other environmental factors.

Dr. R. N. Roychowdhury provide compete sex therapy guidance to the patients. We also provide spiritual sex therapy and online sex therapy to the patients. We use advanced techniques and methods that are suitable to cure sex dysfunction.

Whenever we suffer an asthematic attack or lung infection we immediately go to a chest physician and promptly get ourselves treated. If our digestive system gets dysfunctional, we do not hesitate to go to a gastroenterologist. For a skin problem dermatologists are consulted promptly. Any chest pain and we rush for an electrocardiogram to a heart specialist. But whenever a man suffers from a sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, where neither can he enjoy sex himself nor can satisfy his wife, he either deliberately avoids going to a sex therapist, or then he is totally ignorant about the existence of a specialist who is trained in treating sexual problems.

If a woman suffers pain during intercourse or finds herself unable to reach an orgasm, she at the most, may visit her gynaecologist but would never even think of consulting a sex therapist.

Mooladhara ChakraSituations/Conditions when One Needs to and should Consult a Sex Therapist

1) When s/he finds that s/he has no desire, low desire or altered desire for sex. When we say altered, it means a person experiences intense and recurrent sexual urges, behaviors or fantasies that involve unusual objects, activities or situations and cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational and other areas of functioning

2) When the sexual desire and need of married partners is mismatched most of the time

3) When a man either fails to attain or sustain erection in spite of appropriate sexual stimulation i.e. Erectile Dysfunction

4) When a man is unable to penetrate and perform intercourse during sexual intimacy with a willing partner.

5) When a man ejaculates earlier than his own or his partnerís expectation persistently on a regular basis i.e. Premature ejaculation, resulting in a lack of sexual satisfaction for the partner

6) When a man takes excessively long time to ejaculate or is unable to ejaculate in spite of a proper sexual intercourse with a willing partner

7. When s/he has distributing doubts and anxieties related to his/her sexual desire, arousal, capability (potency), stamina, performance or satisfaction

8) Whenever s/he has doubts or anxieties about the anatomy and physiology (functioning of oneís own or the partnerís sex organs

Mooladhara Chakra9) When s/he has disturbing attitudinal issues regarding oneís own or his/her partnerís role in a sexual act. For e.g. who should take the initiative, what is the correct technique and duration of foreplay, what should be the correct frequency of intercourse, when and where intercourse should or should not be performed, who is supposed to be an active partner, should s/he fantasise about somebody else while having sex with the souse

10) When s/he is obsessively preoccupied with sexual feelings, desires or urges that it is affecting his/her ability to perform essential human duties and responsibilities.

11) When s/he has urges to engage in perverted sexual behaviours such as sadomasochism and anal sex.

12) When intercourse is either not happening or it is painful is spite of mutual willingness, cooperation and active participation.

13) When a women is unable to achieve orgasm at any time or most of the times during willing sexual encounters with a loving partner in spite of mutual cooperation and active participation.

14) Before the marriage for a proper sex education session

15) When a person is confused about his / her sexual orientation and sexual preferences

16) When a person struggling with feeling of guilt/shame regarding sex.

This covers all possible situations and conditions when one should consult a genuine sex therapist for help.

Mooladhara ChakraTo conclude, in spite of so many problems faced by so many people regarding their sexuality , it is unfortunate that they either do not acknowledge that they have a problem, or acknowledge but do not accept that they need to seek help to address the issue, or they accept but do not take the action of consulting a sex therapist because of the stigma attached to consulting a sex therapist.

It is important in this day and age when men and women are walking shoulder to shoulder in all the areas of life, and when women are gradually feeling more liberated about their sexuality, that mutual sexual satisfaction and sexual heath be given the status that it deserves in a relationship, and this is where the sex therapist comes in.

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