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Anger Management


Anger is a natural and very common emotion which is unpleasant. Anger affects everyone, By offering Anger Management , we help you in understanding concepts of anger, your own levels of anger in different situations. We teach you the remedial measures leading to control anger. All these measures will increase levels of happiness in your life. With the expert knowledge of experienced professionals, we ensure that these courses help you in effectively handling of anger.


The Benefits of Anger Management Therapy


1. The Benefits of Anger Management Therapy


2. Introduction


• Everyone gets angry from time to time. It is a perfectly normal emotion to feel, and a healthy one to feel, too. • It’s when that anger gets out of control and turns violent or destructive that you have a problem.

• It’s also when a psychologist that offers anger management therapy may get involved and help you to get a handle on your situation. • Anger management therapy typically provides many benefits.


3. How Anger Management Therapy Can Help You


• The main benefit of anger management therapy is that it relieves the symptoms of and signs of anger issues.

• These generally consist of things like uncontrolled outbursts, especially in places where such things are frowned upon, regular and constant irritability, self-harm, violent thoughts or actions, verbal attacks or a never ending bad temper.


4. What Is The Cause Of Your Anger?


• Anger management therapy will also help people get to the bottom of many of the original causes of the anger.

• These may include insecurity, self-doubt, unrealistic expectations, poor coping skills or being overly emotional about ordinary things.


5. What Is The Cause Of Your Anger?


• During anger management therapy you will discover and understand the root
causes of the anger and learn to identify the thoughts or other triggers that
start it spiraling out of control.

• You will learn how to be assertive in your life, rather than aggressive.


6. The Benefits


• When people with an anger management problem take part in anger management therapy,


7. The benefits often include:


▫ a boost in confidence and self esteem

▫ stronger and healthier relationships with loved ones and coworkers

▫ the ability to express yourself without feeling anger

▫ expressing emotions with confidence

▫ the ability to set clear goals

▫ an overall higher level of happiness.


8. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


• When anger management is the topic at hand, cognitive behavioural therapy is usually the type of therapy that works best and provides the longest lasting results.

• With cognitive behavioural therapy, the patient is given control over a large part of his own recovery by the way he views himself and the world in general.

• Hypnotherapy is another form of treatment that is often used to accept the new coping mechanisms and put negative anger issues as part of your past.


9. Conclusion


• There’s little doubt that anger management therapy is an effective part of the puzzle for people with anger issues.

• The key is to get in touch with a qualified therapist if you notice that you have a problem or if someone close to you is struggling.

• Once the issue is brought out into the open and proper therapy begins, there’s nowhere to go but up.



What is Anger Management Counseling?


Anger management counseling is designed to teach you skills to help change your thinking and behavior.  Anger management counseling generally begins with weekly sessions.  Sessions are then spaced further apart to allow you time to implement your new anger management skills in your daily life.


Who should attend Anger Management Counseling?


Anyone who feels their anger has caused problems in relationships with others, such as at work, with friends or family, should attend anger management counseling.  Anger Management Counseling is sometimes recommended by work or is mandated by the court system.  At Heartland Counseling Center, we feel that anyone who would like to improve their interpersonal skills in communication, listening, judgment and impulse control, forgiveness, managing expectations, changing self-talk, improving optimism, and learning to be more empathic could benefit from Anger Management Counseling.


What is the difference between Anger Management Counseling and Anger Management Classes?


Anger management counseling is conducted in a one-on-one setting with a counselor.  In Anger Management Counseling at Heartland Counseling Center, your counselor will work with you individually to establish your anger management goals.  This means that you will get the benefit of learning anger management skills that are specific to your own anger and personal triggers.


Anger Management classes are typically held in a group setting.  They are not “group therapy” sessions, but rather classes with the intent of teaching skills from a pre-determined workbook.


How do I know if I have an “Anger Problem”?


  1. Do you notice physical signs when you get angry like feeling dizzy, nauseous, out of breath, sweating, etc.?
  2. Do you notice psychological signs when you get angry like depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, irritability, etc.?   
  3. Does your anger last longer than you would like?   
  4. Does your anger cause problems in relationships (workplace, family, friends, etc.)?  
  5. Has your anger ruined your relationship with someone you loved?   
  6. Does your anger happen frequently?   
  7. Do you get out of control when you get angry?

If you answered “yes” to many of these questions, then anger is likely a problem for you and you should seek help from a trained Anger Management Counselor or other qualified professional.


How do I know if Anger Management Counseling is going to help?


The main determining factor for Anger Management Counseling to be effective is your own motivation to change.  If you have little to no motivation to change, you will likely not benefit from Anger Management Counseling.  If you see that your behavior is a problem and are willing to learn how to improve it, our experience has been that anger management counseling will definitely help.  To put it simply-we can help if you’re willing to do your part!


Is Anger good or bad for your health?


Untreated anger can cause both physical and psychological problems.  There are studies suggesting that men who have poor anger management skills are more likely to suffer a heart attack before age 55 than their peers without anger management problems.
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